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s rosa organic tampons onlineThe tampons can be purchased along with the stylish bag
Finally! Stylish, practical AND eco go hand in hand . As the? With the cool start-up " s. rosa organic "! The new company has set itself the goal to bring tampons on the market that do our bodies good. And in their production also our earth treat it as it deserves.

What is s. rosa organic?

These tampons are revolutionary in some ways. After all, the tampon companies that now govern the market, must not make any statements about their exact ingredients . I beg your pardon? Yes, you read correctly.So you know not as accurate, what you pushes you each month into your body - if one puts it quite drastically.

Typically, for regular, synthetic pads are chlorine, bleach, synthetic fibers such as viscose, artificial fragrances, plastics and other chemical substances used . Krass - that sounds somehow not healthy But ". S pink organic" is different! The inventors of organic tampons come from Australia. For their tampons only be organic ingredients used. No toxins, no chemical additives - nothing that could harm us. Instead: pure, organic cotton.

The starter kit includes the company not only tampons, but also a mega-cool linen bag, which keeps the parts safe. 

We find that this project really makes a lot of sense.  If you want to try out the tampon, then you can watch here the tasting package order (including for the equivalent of about 18 euros. Shipping) . For this you get 48 tampons (enough for about 3 months) and the zip bag!