The Story

The Beginnings

s. rosa organic is based in Melbourne, Australia. One cold, Melbourne night, I got my period with no tampons to be found in the house. Not even a pad, nothing.

Driving down to 7-Eleven proved quite uncomfortable and arduous (as you can imagine) and then came the payment - $10.00 for a 16x pack of regular tampons. 

A few things became apparent to me that night and I wanted to find a solution.

I wanted to create a way for women to access tampons online on a regular basis, depending on their individual cycle needs. I also wanted to create a brand of tampons that was 100% organic and included an ingredient list so that women could be aware of what they were using every month.

s. rosa organic was created so that women can have organic tampons delivered straight to their door on whichever basis they like, and go about their daily routines as usual without being caught off guard. 

The Kickstarter Campaign

We ran a Kickstarter Campaign from  -  and got successfully funded thanks to some wonderful ladies and gents from around the world who believed in the idea. We could not have gotten to this point without your help!

Media Coverage

We found support in Australia and around the globe from some wonderful journalists who wrote some pretty cool articles about our Kickstarter Campaign. Check them out below:

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The Leader

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