Period stories.

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It's alright, we've all been there. I'm sure you remember your very first period, which probably came with a huge amount of shock. We all have stories that we simply have to share. As taken from the people of the Internet, sourced from Reddit, here are some of the most awkward and hilarious period stories. You're not alone.

Your worst period stories, as taken from Reddit.

The period at school

"When I was in middle school I was sure that I got my period during English class so I raised my hand and asked my male teacher to go to the bathroom. He told me no, and I said I really needed to but he said I could wait. In my head I was like no, I fucking can't wait! But I just sat there. Until I felt that warm slippery feeling. So I asked again to go and he got mad and snapped no at me. So as discreetly as I could I touched the crotch of my jeans and they were soaked in blood. So I just got up and pretty much ran to the bathroom, seeing the blood on the chair and i went.

I was MORTIFIED! I had only had a few periods before this and after I cleaned up as best I could in the bathroom I went to the nurse. Luckily my school nurse was the best, she was a small English woman and was incredibly nice. She saw me almost in tears and brought me into her office. I explained what happened and she told me to wait there. She went to the lost and found and got me a pair of unclaimed pants in my size to change into and retrieved my backpack from the classroom. She let me hide out with her until the bell rang.

I found out later that she had a stern talk with my English teacher after hours and when I had his class again he pulled me aside and apologized." - Classydame89

The plane

"Not my story, but a stranger's.

My sister cleans airplanes, and once found a seat that had a blanket covering it. She lifted the blanket and found a perfect butt outline in blood on the seat.

I feel so bad for this stranger that probably had the worst period of her life on that plane. :(" - mario_sniffer

Gym class

"I have endometriosis so my periods are unreal amounts of blood. I was changing in middle school gym class and leaned over to tie my shoe and boom the flood gates bust and I bleed all down my leg and a clot smoothed out and hit the floor as I stood up ... The other girl in my locker pod screamed and ran to get help as I ran to stop her just to avoid further embarrassment . I ran into the toilet stall and cleaned my legs and slapped a pad on and pretended to not know what that blood and clot was and blamed the other girl . That was the worst experience of my entire life I have yet to be as humiliated as I was that day." - Snowwhitesevencats

The roommate 

"Before moving to the house I was in I lived with 4 other girls so obviously the bathrooms were well stocked with everything for your girlish needs. I come out of my room one morning and trip over my unconscious roommate, I start yelling because there's blood everywhere and I think someone either got murdered or fell and she suddenly jerks upright like something from a zombie movie.

Apparently she was tired and had major cramps, went upstairs to get a tampon and passed out because of pain bleeding all over." - Wildernessinabox

The rough day

"I just got my period on the subway and bled through my shorts this weekend, then had run to get tampons and change in the nastiest public bathroom before sprinting to catch my bus (for a 6 hour ride) while carrying a 70 lb backpack and bleeding like there is no tomorrow. Plus it was raining, although that was a bit of a blessing.

I had a rough weekend." - UnicornMeatTaco

That's just not ok

"I was on my period and feeling really unwell. A male coworker asked me what was wrong and I first I brushed him off with "nothing". But he asked again so I told him I was on my period. He filed a sexual harassment complaint against me with HR, so the next day I had to explain to the HR lady why I felt I needed to share with a coworker that I was menstruating. :-(" - Unknown

The supportive family member

"I was at my uncles house for a sleepover, i was sleeping on the couch with the cats and i woke up to see blood, i knew it was my period and was freaking out. I got up, my uncle heard so he came out of his room to check on me and saw what happened, i wanted to cry because it was just a terrible moment, but he just went to the bathroom, grabbed pads out of the cupboard and got me a towel so i could deal with it on my own. After my shower and getting dressed and everything i walk out to see the cough all bleached and smelling like cleaner, and my uncles car comes up the driveway, he had mcdonalds breakfast and iced coffee because he thought i would be emotionally chaotic. It was a terrible yet kind situation." - Wackoverlord

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