Why switch to organic tampons?

There's usually quite a few options when it comes to regular tampons, but when it comes to organic, there seems to be a shorter supply. It can be hard deciding between regular tampons and organic tampons, especially when there is a large price difference and you wonder if it's even worth it. After much research and consideration, s. rosa organic decided to make only organic products for women across the world, as we believe that there are far greater benefits to be had.

synthetic tampons

Why is it that we're only told very little about what's actually in our sanitary products? On average, a woman can use up to 10,000 tampons in her lifetime without knowledge about what she's putting into her body. This is a huge concern.

Most sanitary items women use that aren't organic or cotton, contain synthetic fibres, harmful bleaches, pesticide residues, perfumes, rayon and dioxins, all of which are known to be harmful for our bodies. Put simply, we should not be inserting these into our bodies on a monthly basis, just because these items are available on the shelves and are considered 'safe'.

our organic tampons

Our organic tampons are 100% organic, pure cotton. That means no synthetic ingredients, no perfumes, no harmful bleaches, no rayon and nothing to harm your body. Our organic cotton tampons feel soft and are easy to insert, without the plastics that will harm your body.

We chose to go organic for one reason: women's health. We are inserting tampons and using pads in the most sensitive area of the body. With this in mind, we want women to feel at ease and know that they are only putting natural and safe tampons into their bodies. Down the track, we will be expanding into pads, as these are also typically made from synthetic ingredients that shouldn't be anywhere near our lady parts.



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