Our new website

organic tampons

Welcome to s. rosa organic 2.0! We've launched our new website so that you can easily buy organic cotton tampons wherever you are in the world. You'll find that each product is now available for subscription too, which means you can really personalise your delivery depending on which product you need.

Only need one tampon pouch? No worries! You can buy organic cotton tampons as refills instead for a discounted price when you subscribe. Along with our new website, we'll be launching a new product very soon, keep your eyes on this space. It'll be something tampon related that we've had lots of requests for!

If you have any queries about wholesale orders or any question at all, we love to have a chat to each of you. Shoot us an email hello@srosaorganic.com for any comments, feedback or questions any time.

Tampon holder

Our tampon zip pouch has been the most popular product and our new product is closely related to this item. If you have any requests we would LOVE to hear from you and do our best to get your requests fulfilled. Enjoy the new website!

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