King Coconuts.

king coconut
Not only are these coconuts bright orange on the inside and contain no coconut flesh on the inside, they are native to the island of Sri Lanka, where the trees grow abundantly with little to no human intervention, leaving out the possibility of fertiliser and pesticide use.

green coconuts vs. king coconuts

What is the difference? The King Coconut is used solely for the water inside and nothing else, whereas the Green Coconuts are used for the water, casing and the coconut flesh inside. The level of sweetness is King Coconuts are also markedly lower to Green Coconuts, making them a delicious and healthy refresher all year round.

king coconut

Interestingly, the electrolyte makeup of the water inside King Coconuts are very similar to those found in human plasma, making them an ideal source of hydration. They're also the perfect mixer for lime juice and lemon juice, especially when you throw in some fresh mint!

king coconuts

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