Feeling like braving the outdoors for the first time?

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Before you do anything, before you prepare your clothing and colour coordinate your beanie to your jumper - test your gear.
Make sure your jacket is waterproof, to begin with. There's nothing worse than getting soaked through with nothing to dry you off properly.  Another great tip is to set up your tent in your backyard before you leave to make sure you know how to set it up and store it away safely. If you're taking cooking equipment test them beforehand to see if there are any faults or pieces missing. Sounds quite intuitive, but if it's your first time it's fairly easy to miss these things and your camping adventure could be marred forever.
From experience, the best waterproof and windproof gear I ever found was at Kathmandu. My trip to Tasmania involved snow, heavy rain and extremely windy conditions. For all my outdoor ventures I wore this jacket over my clothing http://www.kathmandu.com.au/mens/jackets/rainwear/andulo-jacket-men-storm-blue.html - yep, it's mens. I got a large one so it would fit comfortably over my already bulky down-filled jacket and cover up the majority of my legs too for the extremely windy conditions at Mount Wellington. Well worth the investment.

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