48 Hours in Hong Kong

hong kong junk boats

Hong Kong is one of those places you have to visit, especially if you're travelling anywhere in Asia as it's only a few hours away (from Bangkok, for example) by plane. You really won't find a city like this anywhere else in Asia and when you visit, you'll see why.

Mid Levels

Central Mid Levels Escalator

We had absolutely no idea what Mid Levels was, but we got a recommendation to visit. Upon arriving, we were met with a huge outdoor elevator that seemed to continue up the side of the mountain, surrounded by shops, residential areas, restaurants, clubs and bars. The Central Mid Levels escalator is the longest outdoor, covered escalator in the world and is surrounded by only the wealthiest Hong Kong people. Wear some comfortable shoes, because you might underestimate the walk back down the stairs.

Victoria Peak

Victoria PeakYou may have seen photos like these of Hong Kong and they look stunning. The pictures simply don't do justice to the incredible view you get upon reaching Victoria's Peak and the feeling of being surrounded by a city of some of the tallest buildings you'll see in the world. The neon lights and flickering of residential lights and offices create the perfectly alive city that is constantly full of activity and movement. The best way to get there is either by Uber (don't be surprised when you get picked up in a Tesla for UberX, this is standard!) or the Peak Tram, which is located at the base of the mountain.

Hong Kong Egg Waffle

hong kong egg waffle

You may have tried these before - a lot of cafes in Melbourne feature the Hong Kong egg waffle, such as Baba Sus. if you go to Hong Kong, try a fresh one. They are soft, fluffy, perfectly sweet and the perfect treat for when you're exploring the streets in Hong Kong. 



Macau is super easy to get to from mainland Hong Kong. There are three main ferry ports in Hong Kong:

  1. China Ferry Terminal
  2. Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal
  3. Sky Pier

China Ferry Terminal in in Tsim Sha Tsui and a one way trip will cost you between 132-172 HKD. The Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal is near the IFC towers and will cost you the same price as those at the China Ferry Terminal. The Sky Pier is only available for transiting tourists and costs between 152-172 HKD.

Once you're in Macau, you can get lost in just one casino, shopping, eating and gambling a little bit. There are historic sites to see too, which are definitely worth seeing if you're only in Macau for a day. Monte Fortress and The Historic Center of Macau are the best places to visit while you're in Macau.

hong kong lights

This is a very small list of the things you can see and do while you're in Hong Kong, but you have to spend time wandering the streets and getting consumed by their culture too. Plan your 48 hours in Hong Kong.

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