Natural tampons

natural tampons
Why on earth should we even use natural tampons? What are all natural tampons?! It all begins with the growing of the cotton and the manufacturing processes. A natural tampon is one which is made out of cotton. A natural tampon can be organic or non-organic too. Organic means that during the growth of the cotton, no pesticides or herbicides have been used and throughout the whole manufacturing process, the manufacturing is environmentally friendly and non-toxic substances are used only. If it is non-organic, the natural tampons may use other means to manufacture the tampons that may involve ingredients that organic tampons do not.
In the long term, buying organic tampons ensures that the natural cotton and organic tampons that they make are friendly inside our bodies and we ensure that the manufacturer is running in compliance with strict guidelines for social, environmental and health maximisation. 
If you haven't tried natural tampons or organic tampons, it would be good to try them and see how you feel about it. Although slightly more costly, your body will benefit more and you will have peace of mind knowing that the tampons you use meet strict guidelines environmentally.
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