Travel to the same place or to somewhere new?

Travel plane view

Travel to somewhere new

Is there that one city or place that you simply love going back to? When that yearly Jetstar sale to Japan begins, it's always so tempting to head back there. 
Japan had this amazing magic about it that I couldn't quite shake. Its allure was something unmatched for me and ever since that '14 Spring in there, I've always wanted to head back. The combination of lights, food, quirky people, cherry blossom and incredible places to visit has always stuck with me.
But then, wouldn't it be better to go somewhere new? Travel is this astounding opportunity to learn about a new culture, meet new people and become more aware and accepting of the differences in the world. It allows you to grow and to learn how to adapt a different environment.
What are your thoughts? Would you step outside of your comfort zone and visit somewhere new?
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